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Cardiology Clinic


Caring for Your Heart

Every Friday, Cardiology Center of Amarillo offers a Cardiology Clinic at Dalhart Family Medical Clinic. The cardiologists at the Cardiology Clinic can care for a wide variety of heart problems, ranging from coronary artery disease to congestive heart failure to vein problems such as varicose veins. Using Telemedicine, patients and physicians consult in real-time, and many required diagnostic tests can be conducted at Coon Memorial Hospital.

The Cardiology Clinic not only monitors patients’ heart problems to be sure that they are receiving the treatment they need, but also focuses on education. The physicians at the Cardiology Clinic work with you to improve your cardiovascular health and give you the information you need to guide your recovery or enhance your quality of life when dealing with a chronic condition.

The Cardiology Clinic requires a referral from a primary care provider. We are located at 206 E. 16th Street in Dalhart.

If you are a new patient and have made an appointment with the Cardiology Clinic, please print out a new patient form. Please complete it and bring it with you to your first appointment. We look forward to seeing you!

For more information, please contact us at (806) 244-5668.

Dallam-Hartley County Hospital District adopted a tax rate that will raise more taxes for maintenance and operations than last year's tax rate.
The tax rate will effectively be raised by 7.96 percent and will raise taxes for maintenance and operations on a $100,000 home by approximately $4.60.